12+ Anime For Real Ass Niggas

Anime For Real Ass Niggas. It is usually an extreme orgasmic facial expression, that most of the time includes tongue pulled out, eyes rolled all the way up and a mindless/blank/blissful expression. I told him, "Back the fuck up".

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I wonder if these niggas really grip these Glocks. Bought new jeans I don't wear, cause the ass too fat it's gon' tear if it's on there. Niggas so thirsty, fo' me if I told 'em to, they'd probably drink Flint water.

Phoney ass niggas plottin', woah (I call it genocide).

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Trippin' acid, lippin' flaccid dickin' 'til she give me top, (Uh-huh, uh-huh). Bought new jeans I don't wear, cause the ass too fat it's gon' tear if it's on there. But they can't afford her, I'm up in Georgia, next week Florida, 'cross the border.

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